Zong Glass Made in the USA

The Original Kinky, No-Spill
Bongs, Waterpipes, Zubblers, Dab Rigs, Steam Rollers and Hand Pipes.
Handcrafted Excellence Created from the Finest Source Materials.
Proudly Made in the USA


Zong Glass is Here to Stay

Having started in 1993, Zong continues  to make the original kinky, no-spill waterpipe. Zong now offers a variety of exciting new products as well as our original line of custom-made, handcrafted glass bongs.


Meet Zong Glass

Zong Glass Quality

From our four-foot Monster Zong
to our famous Two-Kink Fatty, we’ve got you covered. Check out all our lines:
Zong OG WaterpipesZong Extra Kinky WaterpipesMonster Zong Waterpipes,Zong Inline ZubblerMini Zong, along with our famous handpipe OG Zong Glass handpipe

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