Zong Waterpipes

Waterpipes made in the USA

The Original Kinky, No Spill Waterpipe`

Custom made in the USA since 1993, we know a thing or two about Waterpipes!

From our Mini Zong to our Monster Zong, we have the highest quality glass waterpipes in the world!

Our waterpipes range from our Mini Zong’s at 25x5 to our Fat Zong’s at 50x9, our Zong full color waterpipes come available in Blue, Green, Sea Green, Black, Pink and Purple and our worked color Zong’s come in Red, Blue, Green, White, Black and Pink..

Wanna buy a Zong Glass Waterpipe? We have have our Mini Zong for starters and our Monster Zong for our most experienced Tobacco smokers! Check out one of our favorites the Zong Inline Zubbler! Click here to BUY NOW.

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Zong Glass Latest News

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