Zong Glass History

Since 1993, Zong Glass has been America’s original kinky glass waterpipe. Learn more about our history, our glass and our future!

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About Zong Glass

Learn more about Zong Glass, our selection of products and how we make our kinky waterpipes!

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Zong Glass Waterpipes

Since 1993, we’ve been making the original kinky, no spill waterpipe made out of the highest quality glass in the business.

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Zong Glass Pipes

Commonly referred to as the toughest pipe in the business, our hand made glass pipes are durable and long lasting with a great chamber for milking your tobacco.

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Team Zong

The official Zong Glass crew represents Team Zong, join our team for exclusive events, products and free goodies. Opportunties for street team, event hosting in USA, click below to learn more

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Zong Girls

Made for ladies who love 420 & 710, Zong Girls is an exclusive club with discounts, events, and products for Zong Girls. 13 ZongGirls will be choosen for our annual calendar, all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for every model!

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Zong Wholesale

Looking to buy Zong Glass for your business or smokeshop? 
Follow our online steps to get started and become an official Zong retailer.

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