Quality Matters

We make sure to only produce a product we would want for ourselves. We make sure to use the finest glass available in creating our products. This is an American product hand crafted in the heart of the Arizona desert. At Zong, quality is our main concern.

Zong is Unique

Every Zong is an unique piece. We don’t stockpile duplicates in some dusty warehouse somewhere, instead we take time a care into making your piece just for you. Every Zong is made to order with you in mind.

Glass Makes a Difference

To make the finest product, you can only use the finest materials. That is why we only use the finest German sourced Schott glass in all of the original designs.

We also believe that variety is the spice of life. At Zong, you can get a unique piece in any of our size options. When gauging the diameter or girth of a Zong, you may choose form 38mm, 45mm, 50mm, or 75mm. Some Zongs even come with 9mm wall thickness!

All-American Colors

We only use American glass rods for all of our classic color designs. We like to know that every Zong is true to form with only the highest quality parts and materials. Every classic color design (everything except Full Color tubes), uses color from either Glass Alchemy in Oregon or Northstar Glass in Colorado